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Di Staff
Data di pubblicazione 02/02/2015

Borz is back!

“Generazione 2015” is a new exclusive remix from “Follia Quotidiana” album.

Are you going to plop down on the couch? Borz revolution will be your revolution!

Borz is an angry Electroclown, he comes from a “Horror Generation”, from consumerism war, terrorism attack, a growing arms industry and a big power of political corruption. In Italy, as in Paris, as in Russia, as in Nigeria, as in the U.S.A, and all over the world, an astute brainwashing is making people every day lazier, “under the effect of virtual drug”, bad information and “bad poetry”.

Don’t be polite, don’t complain, the war is in front of your eyes, meanwhile you’re brushing your teeth! It’s time to choose: reacting or sleeping forever!

This is electropop by Miraloop Hearts.



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