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Bleeding Hut by Junio n.65 Beatport Top100 Tracks

Data di pubblicazione 02/05/2018

Bleeding Hut by Junio, is the first record that blends dub music with metal in a futuristic western world, and lands to #65 on the top selling tracks Reggae-Dub-Dancehall chart on Beatport, the well known platform of electronic music. It's a great achievement for someone who has invented this genre and that is not famous at all. Miraloop Spades is now a benchmark brand for the electronic music made in Italy and this makes us very proud. Keep on following us and get ready to listen to the upcoming album by Junio, Western Tales. Burning sand, hot sun, sciamans, cowboys in a 1 hour record of slow, powerful music, like a ride in the desert!

Listen to Bleeding Hut




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