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Barber Mind Little Italy: the trilogy for shaving designed by Miraloop

Data di pubblicazione 24/04/2016

Naming, branding, design: you can call it what you like, for us it's creating things that didn't exist before, from a to z. Like the series of products dedicated to shaving Little Italy by Barber Mind. Little Italy, a trilogy of three jewels of men's cosmetics, is presented with a pre-barb gel, a shaving cream and a conditioner. Father (Pre Shave Gel), Son (Shave Cream), Spirit (After Shave Balm). The Italian-American flavour of the line, which echoes the traditional inspiration to evoke the classic "from father to son", continues the series inaugurated in 2014 2015 with the new artistic direction based on the concept of vintage applied to design rather than the simple recovery of forms. Little Italy is a story, a story, a ritual. From father to son, but not only. Little Italy, the famous district of New York where for years the tradition of shaving has always been an intimate and profound moment but at the same time also public, narrated by the street barbers that we still see in the movies, also brings in itself a little veiled reference to the religious tradition of the Italian family in America. An experiential journey able to conquer the soul with irony and a hint of magic, and creates an irresistible desire to own all three packages. After all, for a perfect beard, from father to son, we teach pre-barb gel, then quality cream, and finally an excellent conditioner for a pleasant sensation of freshness on the skin. All made with natural products, the Barber Mind shaving line is on the market as a Deluxe product.



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