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Barber Mind Magic: the special pomade for kids

Data di pubblicazione 07/06/2017

Barber Mind in collaboration with Miraloop For Brands creates the line dedicated to children. A branding designed where aesthetics embrace a magical design and where colors, lights, shades play by conquering the heart of every child. A perfect gentlemen's style is enclosed in this creation 100% Made in Italy. The special pomade for the men of tomorrow barber mind has thought of a wax with a specific formulation. Enriched with milk proteins, magic is delicate and nourishing, able to protect the scalp of children and ensuring softness. Water-soluble and 100% made in Italy. Leaves no residue. Miraloop for Barber Mind has designed and produced a captivating green graphics for a magical product capable of bewitching the hair of your children.

Let's show both adults and children a small gallery with a retro magic taste!



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