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Barber Mind - Planet Serie | Packaging

Data di pubblicazione 21/07/2017


"Planet Series" is the first product line dedicated to the hair of the brand "Barber Mind". We developed three products of the series "Planet", which recalls three places in the world in the broadest sense both geographically and culturally, a return to the roots and nature. The three labels have the same basic layout and vary in terms of decoration and colour, adapting to the place where they are located.                                                                                                                                                                            Ocean, dedicated to hair care, is inspired by Oceania, the border decoration recalls the graphic symbolism of Maori tattoos, the basic colour is oriented towards blue and the central illustration represents a sunset over the ocean.                                        Forest, a tonic lotion, recalls the territories of Northern Europe, a decoration of Celtic inspiration and a basic color oriented towards green and gold reinforces the concept of freshness that this product generates to the application.                                          Finally River, a daily shampoo that is located in the East, with soft colors that fade from amaranth to blue to recall the daily use and a decoration in Japanese style.

The series has had positive results on the market, thanks also to the presentation at Cosmoprof 2018 in Bologna, the international reference exhibition for cosmetic products in which Italy is a leader both in terms of production quality and sales volumes.

The images you can see in the gallery have been created in 3D graphics as a preview of the launch to anticipate the public the release of new products and then included in the official catalog of the company.



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