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B/W or

Di Lorenzo Traggiai
Data di pubblicazione 01/02/2015

If I ask you what these photos have in common…what do you reply?

That they are “black and white”, of course.
Or maybe not.
“Black and White” is a definition we use to indicate the conventional grayscale in films, images, pictures.
“This is an image in black and white!” This is what we usually say.

bianco/nero articolo traggiai




Reading this you may see just a stickler, but beware: not considering b/w a grayscale is actually symptomatic of another fault, larger, more dangerous, equally underestimated. I’m talking about seeing the reality in this way, black and white. For laziness? It may be..

“Things are or are white or black, end of story.” How many times do we hear it? And how many times we do not realize the meaning of what it has just been said!

In my opinion, it is something like deny reality.Everytime I hear this, I consider totally denied the infinite variety of experiences that reality can offer us. All the time spent in school to learn new things and hone our intellectual abilities.The load of books that we read from our birth to a second ago. The people with whom we came in contact, for better or for worse. And the senses that we have provided, denied too.

Go to school, go on vacation, read books, meet new people, fall in love, fuck, cry, see, touch, taste, hear, laughing, listening to music, getting up in the morning, breathe. If the result is to see a grayscale as a black&white well, we could just stay at home in bed…
Yes, I’m talking about music, too! Someone says that there are only two notes, two-stroke, two rhythms, two kinds of music, two artists, two instruments, two modes of play, opposite each other. And in the middle? Nothing of nothing. There’s no grayscale. In this case, to deny the variety of reality is like to say goodbye to that beautiful musical loaf that made us crazy since music exists.

Not to see a grayscale is similar to the division of people into good and bad ones. But a person “only good” or “only bad” is not real, believe me. Once a girl said to me: “So, that is the situation! Make up your mind, or black, or white, I do not like the gray scales !! “. This young lady does not like gray scales, but the reality we live is a grayscale. The music we make is a grayscale.  We will never know  how to see the totality of beautiful things  in life if we don’t consider grayscales. The variety of animal species, the variety of plants, all the color gradients in a new, different vision of life. The variety of a music style, the incredible mix of features we find in a song.

Lorenzo Traggiai



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