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Anna Voig - E Tu. The Official videoclip is here!

Data di pubblicazione 01/06/2018



It is a journey through three worlds the story we made to paint Anna Voig's first single "E Tu". A desert world, which then turns green, bathed by a waterfall, and finally completely blue, represented by an ice cave that contains hot water. It is the evolution of an emotion, from one stage to another, from one vision to another, using the primordial element of emotions, water. The same water seems to wet the arrangement of the song, with liquid and powerful bass, melancholically sensual violins and the singer's voice, is the element that guides the narrative, leading the story to, literally, submerge within itself. In the background of the narration a very particular ring is the key object that changes the world around the protagonist, moving the scenario from a hot desert to a jubilation of green and dreamy energy, to the cave.

A simple and dreamy story that leads you to immerse yourself in the song beyond the representation word for word of a lyric that tells the introspective vision of love for others and for yourself. The journey of every single one of us that leads us to relationships with others only after knowing ourselves. The union of different worlds, emotionally rich or arid, new and old, can only exists when we know and live intensely for what we truly are.

"E Tu" is the song that inaugurates the new trend of Italian "dream pop", bringing a new way of making music and songs to the Mediterranean side. A musical genre that is certainly creative and has no limits in fantasy nor imagination, colored by the scents and sensations of our culture and flavored by the powerful sound of a slow and inexorable beat. For dreamers!



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