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Analogic vs Digital. 5 legends about CD

Di Staff
Data di pubblicazione 14/05/2013

From tape cassette to vinil, from glass disc to usb, onestly we prefer any support to the CD.
We don’t really like CD, so we would like to introduce our experimental column with the dibate digital vs analogic. We perfectly know that is an old story, but we thik that is also up-to-date!
CD’s fans are just a few emerging artists, they proudly speak up for cd. Here we go!

Let’s see some legends about CD:

1) “The CD is analogic, the “liquid” support (file) is digital.”

This is the first original lie, pandemic on social web. For semiotic law that is not possible, because Analogic and Digital are two different ways of performing a sign; when the first means continuos performance, the second means not-continuos performance. It’s like an analogic mercury thermometer, or a hand mileometer (the numbers are indicated in a continuos mood), opposed is a digital thermometer or mileometer; here the unit of measurement is divided in more sections. The content doesn’t changes, changes the way of representing.
For the sound is the same. A magnetic tape is analogic, a wav file is digital. I know, at this istant you are thinking: -Vinil plays different!-
Of course they plays different, the reason is on reading mode, not on performing mode.
So CD is not analogic, it’s digital, was invented on 70’s as the first digital technology. A wave of a magnetic tape computerized and readied by an optical support, that’s 16 bit. A Cd is on 16 bit, exactly like an mp3, totally and finally a digital support.

2) “CD is a physical object,that you can touch, and unique.”

Other misunderstanding. Obviously, the cd is an object you can touch, but includes digital contenets. Think about the difference between a cd and a vinil; you can copy a cd, but you can’t make a vinil by yourself.

3) “Cd is beautiful.”

How can you say that! It’s plastic! If are you talking about the booklet, we think that’s nice, but you can also sell a digital music with a beautiful booklet.

4) “I don’t buy mp3 because I don’t like it, I buy cd”

If you are not an antique are lying. Cd commerce is falling down from about 15 years, unlike digital music selling. People affirming to buy cd, maybe bought the last of iron Maiden. Now they simply download mp3 illegally, in other words they steal them. Because they can do it. The not legal mp3 market is like the black market of tapes in the 80’s. The only difference is that in the 80’s, fans didn’t steal their idols tapes.

5) From musician to the labels: “CD sells more”.

This is the bullshit telling for persuade the label to print cd for 24 fans. If you are not a Big and you would like to sell your music around the world it seems a little bit expensive printing cd and sending them from the U.S.A. to Italy. With digital support you can experiment new artist if you don’t have any money to burn!



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