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Acquapark Villaggio della Salute Più Summer 2016: the video

Data di pubblicazione 06/05/2016

The Villaggio della Salute Più, a magnificent oasis of well-being where innovation and creativity connect, told by Miraloop For Brands with a video. It is a real natural village on the border between Emilia, Romagna and Tuscany: inside it contains facilities such as the Spa of the Agriturismo, the Acquapark della Salute Più, the Agriturismo Restaurant Sillaro, the Albergo Diffuso, the Camping, the Oasis of Zello, the Lakes with the "Valle del Fitness" and the Museum of the Gothic Line. Miraloop has created this promotional video to narrate the place through 2 minutes that run fast on the notes of Infinito (Miraloop records, 2015) to represent sensations and emotions, from the entrance to the water park until the evening, when the dances of the Acqua DJ Set heat up the Italian summer in the province of Bologna.


Two different cameras were used to make this video, plus a Go-Pro for the aquatic scenes and the Miraloop Drone (a custom hexacopter) for the aerial scenes. The video footage that encloses in the background the sunny beauty of this place in a fast-paced and fast-paced montage are camped and rhythmic notes of "Infinito" by Gerolamo Sacco, a Miraloop music track chosen because it is particularly open and hypnotic, perfect to tell emotions and sensations contrasting between relaxation and pure fun. This advertising video, "wet" with musical tones and video footage from above, on the net has been particularly successful with the public, hundreds of thousands of views, and has been used by the company to advertise the famous Acquapark (even the following seasons, editor's note). To many of us it will remember forever the wonderful summer of the Village, what about you?



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