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A special 'Vintage Turntable' for Gerolamo Sacco's Festival

Data di pubblicazione 11/10/2015

With a simulation of a perfect vinyl, Miraloop For Brands produces an original vintage turntable for Gerolamo Sacco Festival. A graphic creation with modern and winking technology. Aren't you curious to know how it was created? In the first track that opens the dances, Infinito, a celestial turntable rests on a cold marble where on the surface we can see the logo of the label surrounded by the impression of two small drops of water around it. A union of sea and mountain where a particular sound frequency pulsates and involves all the senses, an inexorable bit that next to the graphic effects combines a combination of pure pleasure. The various light grey buttons are characterized by shadows. The total image is completed with a graphic effect reminiscent of sleet during the first days of snow. A sleet that in this case given by a particular effect explodes in an increasing way at the first play together with light round shapes, a sort of aura that holds the musical beats.

This turntable is then narrated in different colours for all the tracks on the album. This is a revisitation of a piece from the Sixties, or more probably Fifties. A small round shaped box like imagining the music coming out of those little holes. Moving your gaze to the right, the thumbtack is a classic version of the plastic laptops that were raging until a few years ago. The cult of portable record players goes hand in hand with the summer: the era of the 45 portable turntables that ended up among the precious luggage to take with them memories and emotions even on holiday.



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