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A flight Over Electronic Waves

Di Cecilia Cavalieri D'Oro
Data di pubblicazione 14/04/2015

Daniele Xhanino, musician and pilot; a wife, a daughter and a cat (surrounded by women). Rising is his is his first album: between electronica and chill out, with minimal influence.

Who is Daniel Xhanino?
-Good question, very good question, it is the Question which I have always tried to answer. I am probably just a dreamer, or a creative dreamer. I make music and fly as a hobby even though I hold a commercial license, I worked as a chemical analyst and now I do other things. I think it’s hard to define me. Maybe I’m just very undecided… But from everything I’ve learned that has left me a sign, that is how I’m made. I try to give shape and color to what I see, what I live, creating environments in dreamlike rooms divided by experiences.-

What experience? Flight? Music?
-All experiences; true is that flying, especially when I fly by myself, gives me pure and strong sensations, that I realize once landed, when I relive the flight in all its phases. Retrace takeoff, pure joy, the turns, navigation, approach and landing. For me it is enjoyment. Music is a tool that I need to give form and structure to the whole world. For example, “Seafront” is like when I see the earth below me which disappears and gives way to the sea that appears infinite and bright by day, or black as the anything by night (who give me the inspiration for “At night”) or at the airport (“Captivity” is the perfect song) before traveling, I like to watch all kinds of humanity passing there, those who leave, who come, who greet, those who expect a family member or friend, or just wait. This has inspired me “Mochila”, that backpack … Or when I’m on my car making for some trips on the highways, which gave me the time to think to songs like  “Highway”. Life is a wonderful play of lights and shadows where everything is always moving. These all are undoubtedly strong emotions.-

Why did you decide to make electronic music?
-Because it’s the best way that I found to express myself, and I just do not try complex music or words, do not try to prove anything, firstly because I’m not capable; I express myself and I do that as a convinced minimalist, that repeat a musical phrase from beginning to end, varying only small phrasing. Life is really similar at the bottom if you think about it; the sun rises and sets every day, it’s the experience of daily living who give the sense.-

Are not you afraid that your minimalism could be misunderstood?
-Again, I express a feeling, in my experience, and how I interpret it. Even fly could seam to  means just “take off, navigate, land” every time, but that does not mean that it is equal or repeated, is a varied experience and so is what I do in music.-

Have you only played electronic music?
-No, I have also played in a few bands, as well as keyboardist and/or drummer, Indie, Rock and Pop. I do not regret anything and I would do it all over again. Even the timing would change. Before you can fly you have to know how to walk and before you need to be able to keep standing on your back. And that takes time.-

Only one more curiosity. All the titles of your songs are in English, except “Mochila” which is in Spanish. Why?
-Well, I like to diversify. Music is universal, as definition, and I do not identify myself with a particular place or with a single language.-

Anything else?
-I do what I am and I like the way I’ve chosen. Good music to all!-



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