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8 Bit. Compilation For a Video Game Nerd

Data di pubblicazione 05/12/2014

Today we will talk about digital graphic image and the corresponding digital graphic sound.In the universe of possibility of sound’s modifications, digital music has free camp.Into digital music unlimited waves crash and nobody is safe.In this article we especially concerned with that unreasonable handcrafted composition inspired from the beloved 80’s and 90’s videogames, that from longtime we use to call 8 BIT MUSIC.8 BIT MUSIC. If you think that is mostly easy to look around/track down in the universe of nerds fixing millions pixels for hours, you are wrong. For that reason we would like to ask you to coming out.We did a little research, but we are so far away to identify who’s the man or the woman listening 8 bit.We could impudently assert, a 8bit listeners can declare himself a sound experimenter, of the sound though and of the sound culture. With a exhibitionist spirit, allegro ma non troppo, so our 8 bit listener will never participate in a party without cross dress, but don’t you expect a manga character, that will be a personal handcraft camouflage.Like a 8 bit track, even don’t appear, there’s something very personal.

Cecilia Cavalieri d’Oro



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