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2020-21 season: 13 chart placements, 23 on Spotify playlists with 20K+ listeners

Data di pubblicazione 01/09/2021


The 2020-21 recording season takes Miraloop up to 12 official positions in national and international charts. Stands out the debut of the duo Sir Jane, already seen in Malaguti's "Il Silenzio delle Sirene" as featuring, now debuting with their first single Atlantide, produced by Gerolamo Sacco. As well as Junio, the most prolific artist of all Miraloop Spades, who brings his fourth album by Miraloop directly to number 1 of the electronic chart of iTunes Italy.

With his personal artistic project Gerolamo Sacco presents the new single "Batman&Bugo" featuring Devon Miles and climbs the alternative pop chart of iTunes Italy. Devon Miles with his single "Pressure" conquers instead the R'n'B chart, always iTunes / Apple Music. And the top score is for Semantica by Senatore Cirenga, debut album at the 2nd position top sales iTunes Italy 

Downloads are dropping, streaming is now increasingly relevant. Out of our chart summary are all tracks that have earned Spotify playlist placements above 20,000 listeners, but we mention them here in this article.
There were 22 Miraloop tracks released in the 2020-2021 season (September 2020 - August 2021) that were added to one or more Spotify playlist with more than 20,000 listeners, almost all of them related to the "Hearts" pop publishing series, except for two, released under "Clubs".
Let's go discover them one by one:

Kakawa - Ule Kusonga (Hearts)
Senatore Cirenga - Semantica (Hearts)

Devon & Jah Brothers - Babylon (Hearts)
Devon Miles - Pressure (Hearts)
Gerolamo Sacco - Batman & Bugo (Hearts)
Sir Jane - Atlantide (Hearts)
Sir Jane - Atlantide Remix (Clubs)
Monna Lira - Cobalto (Hearts)
Veronika - Good Life (Hearts)
Senatore Cirenga - Estate Ladra (Hearts)
Cruvan,2AB - Where are you Now (Clubs)
Antonella Brown - Ariana (Hearts)
Antonella Brown - Tiradera (Hearts)
leFragole - Viola o Lilla (Hearts)
leFragole - Calciatore senza Testa (Hearts)
Klavdia - Paradiso (Hearts)
Klavdia - Amantea (Hearts)
ilBaskerville - Rivoluzione (Hearts)
ilBaskerville - Statistiche (Hearts)
Emgy - Lilith (Hearts)
Emgy - Inopportuna (Hearts)
Torrevado - Crossing the Line (Hearts)
Torrevado - Give me your Heart Tonight (Hearts)
Torrevado - Shake the Wall (Hearts)

It's no coincidence that this very 2020 2021 season, which has seen so many songs placed in the top 3 of Spotify playlists with over 20,K listeners, was the season of Miraloop Records' recognition by Bologna City of Music. The announcement sponsored by Unesco has awarded Miraloop as a record company of strategic importance in the national independent scene, specifically that related to indie pop-rock. The award was won in January 2021 and we want to dedicate it to the artists who have collaborated with us during this special year. Listen to our music ;) We wish you a lot of happiness!



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