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Devon Miles: a fury! Talking with Cecilia & Gerolamo (english)

Di Cecilia Cavalieri D'Oro
Data di pubblicazione 13/01/2015

I went to Bologna to meet Dvon Miles. Dvon is the new Miraloop Hearts promise, his handshake is too strong for me! I can imagine why Dvon introduces himself as “Fury” (“Delirio” in italian). 

We have a seat in a red kitchen for an afternoon tea at Miraloop Studio. Outside is freezing, but around our table there’s a warm atmosphere; Gerolamo Sacco (the producer of Miraloop) and Dvon are laughing:

Gerolamo: -That time with Shining was so funny!-
Dvon:- That time was wonderful!-
They told me about their first collaboration. Dvon wrote a really sensual song, to whisper.. he already knew Gerolamo Sacco as a dj. That time Dvon was so attached to his song, but he recognized he needed to come out of it by an experimental change. He was worried about Gerolamo, because that sound placed very far from Gerolamo’s music..
Gerolamo, from his part, got a shock listening to “Shining” for the first time, but he decided to believe in Dvon’s talent.
Do you wanna know what was the result of that combination? We’ll find out nex time we’ll meet Dvon. Now we want to know more about Babylon.
CECILIA: -Dvon, let’s talk about your new single. Babylon is so different from your last works. Is it a change or are you just showing us your real talent?-
DEVON: -It’s more a track based on another point of view. I mean, I see a lot of bad things around the world, Babylon brings a message of hope to people. Babylon is completely destroyed, you see the image of a burning city, but you see also a man with his hands up. It’s a prophecy, a call to action!-
CECILIA. –This Loving Heart, your last single, is a romantic song. Is Dvon a romantic guy?-
DEVON: –Dvon Miles is romantic but he’s also a man who takes life in his hands. A man of action, ready to move, my feelings are these.-
CECILIA: –This single has two tracks, the original dancehall and the Afro Monster, have you ever played this live?-
DEVON: –Mr. Dragonfly played it, with a big success in Bologna clubs. I use to play around Italy: Riccione, Bologna, Pesaro, Ancona, I have a lot of friends, and you know.. if you bring music you will always find a bed for sleeping. First Babylon live was last 10 January at Velvet (Rimini). Such a great night!-
CECILIA: –We were there, it was crazy! Velvet club, a popular place in Rimini, was a great showcase for you! Good work Dvon! (Have a look to the picture and video at the end of this article). After two singles, don’t you think it’s time for an Album?-
DEVON: –On 2015 I’ll start a tour around Italy major cities to promote Babylon (we’ll let you know about the places). I think that if you have a big message, you have to go among people to bring this message. Babylon is a strong positive message to bring to people. Maybe the same year you will see a new work, a unique, various Dvon Miles, spiritual and romantic..It’s gonna be great!-
CECILIA: –What about your people, Dvon? We know that you are a respected artist in Rimini, where do you live.-
DEVON: –You know, when a man is passionate, people feel that; when a man burns, the world always watch. In Rimini citizen collaboration is beautiful, for me it’s a starting point: my music, my family. I think that music scene is growing in Rimini, and Dvon is part of that. Djs play and support my work, and people just go crazy and dance, dance!-

Devon Miles – Babylon on Spotify

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