Use the Online Mastering service Miraloop. The reasons of choosing a Miraloop mastering service are simple because Miraloop labels develop new ideas on all kinds of music. Any good sound engineer knows exactly which volume is right for an acoustic guitar under a voice record, as to spatialized sound, as to emphasize certain frequencies using the system "mono-stereo" and "left-right". If your self-produced track has defects or missing frequencies what you need is the artisan touch of who make music. The Miraloop approach is the craftsmanship method paying attention on details, allowing us to work on different musical genres such as acousmatic music, nu-metal, the goa, bringing out the hidden potential of each new idea.
MIRA FINALIZER (Single Track Online Mixing & Mastering)
Category: Online Mastering / Type: Stereo Mastering
This is Miraloop's online mastering. Send us your stereo track and we will pump it up! SSL Duende, Universal Audio, adders Sutera, Powercore 6000, for an incredible result, ready for the radio airplay! We work on any music genre, from classical to rock, from dance to electronic avant-garde! 
MIRA MULTI FINALIZER (Multi Track Online Mixing & Mastering)
Category: Online Mastering / Type: Multi Channel Stereo Mixing & Mastering.
Provide us all the sequencer audio tracks of your mixing for a better mastering. The tracks will be mixed with adders and high quality SSL / Powercore-channel shark amplified, for a great sonic impact. Multitrack Finalizer  allows us to review the mix according to the artistic intentions of your production, because all the main elements will be balanced.