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Miraloop Spades 5 Tracks on Beatport Top 100 Reggae/Dub Tracks

Di Staff
Data di pubblicazione 19/03/2015

Spades worldwide party!
Today March 18 – 2015, we have 5 tracks on Beatport top 100.

Pablo Ort – Wake Up (Original Deggae) n. 14
Ethiopia Ringaracka – The Space (Original Killer Dub) n. 18
Pablo Ort – Wake Up (Extended Vision) n. 19
Ethiopia Ringaracka – The Space (The Kinky Flute) n. 24
Ethiopia Ringaracka – The Space (Deggae Version) n. 60

Such a great Spring!

“Wake Up” Official Chart

“The Space” Official Chart 



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